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Fellow projects

ENCHANT has three sister projects and the projects will communicate and keep each other updated about relevant activities and potential collaboration opportunities.

NUDGE has a mixed approach to consumer analysis and intervention design tasks. It combines surveys and field trials, in scenarios with high potential for energy savings. The trials will test a broad set of behavioural interventions by drawing on nudging techniques, in five different EU member states. This will happen in residential, energy communities and school environments. The NUDGE project aims to implement an end-to-end approach by promoting and incentivizing the adoption of behaviourally tested policy interventions at local, regional, national and EU level.

EVIDENT aims at understanding main drivers of individuals’ decision making to support policy-making. It will create an analytical framework and a platform for tools and data as support for policy decisions. The project rests on five large use cases, i.e. consumer engagement of more than 100,000 consumers and the analysis of financial literacy as regards consumers’ energy efficiency decision-making. The cases are analysed in a multi-layer structure that stretches from information gathering to evaluation and policy design. All deliverables will be public, including software, which allows future projects to build on the project’s findings.

WHY will implement causal modelling to analyse quantitatively people’s everyday decisions regarding energy consumption and their reactions to interventions. This will result in innovative methodologies for short- and long-term load forecasting which will be benchmarked in different use cases ranging from micro-grid size to international contexts. The project will provide greater insight into household energy consumption and improve energy demand modelling in leading Energy System Models (ESMs).