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Project information

ENCHANT – Energy Efficiency through behaviour Change Transition – is a project that aims to support the energy transition by testing the impact of interventions affecting energy consumption behaviour on a large-scale across Europe. The interventions will be developed, fitted, and tested with the objective to unlock an energy efficiency potential in the public, through behavioural change.

ENCHANT will combine the data gathered from implementing these interventions, with a re-analysis of already existing data,  in an empirically informed decision tool for impactful campaign design targeting energy-efficiency, relevant for a number of public and private actors (e.g. policymakers).


For testing the impact on such a massive scale – the project relies on and includes a large group of user-partners, including energy companies, municipalities, and environmental NGOs in seven European countries. ENCHANT will roll out interventions through the user partners’ already existing communication channels and thus tests their effects in real life settings.

Established science-based behavioural intervention techniques previously tested in labs are in ENCHANT tested in real-life. We will do this in an unprecedented large-scale effort, targeting millions of European citizens, using a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) approach.

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