Work Package 1 – Management, Coordination and Administration

The project management will guarantee the targeted and efficient development of the project objectives, and covers the overall administration and co-ordination of the project. Furthermore, the project management will ensure the quality of the work and findings by a quality management system based on peer-review.


D1.1 – Work Plan

D1.2 – Work Plan

D1.4 – Data Management plan

D1.5 – Data Management plan

D1.7 – Ethic Requirements

D1.8 – Progress report

Work Package 2 – Development of Intervention Packages

The objective of WP2 is to identify and define a standardised and replicable procedure for implementing behavioural interventions aimed at promoting the sustainable energy transition among individuals, groups and communities.


D2.1 – Energy Efficiency Through Behaviour Change Transition Strategies

D2.2 – Design of intervention matrix and definition of RCT research protocols

D3.1 – Data repository

D3.3 – Data repository

D3.2 – Ethical and Data Protection Methodology of dataset Management

D4.1 – Guidelines and Operational Intervention Plan

D4.2 – Intervention Monitoring Plan

Work Package 7 – User engagement, dissemination, and exploita

The objective of WP7 is to facilitate a rapid, efficient and widespread uptake of ENCHANT’s results, as well as facilitate for the stakeholders’ involvement in knowledge production and dissemination.


D7.1, D7.4, D7.8 – Strategy Documents (Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication)

D7.2, D7.5, D7.9 – Strategy Documents (Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication)