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Webinar: How to get Citizens to Reduce Their Energy Consumption?

Slides and recording from webinar hosted by the EU project ENCHANT.


ENCHANT has diligently conducted multiple experiments to unravel the most effective methods of engaging citizens and inspiring them to transform their energy consumption habits. During this webinar, we unveiled our key findings, providing valuable insights to enhance your communication strategies to reduce energy consumption among citizens.


More than 130 people from all over Europe signed up for the webinar.


This event is of paramount relevance to anyone involved in the formidable task of instigating behavioural changes on a large scale regarding energy usage.


Furthermore, we introduced you to the ENCHANT Energy Wizard, a powerful tool designed to support stakeholders, including energy companies, municipalities, and NGOs, in selecting the most suitable communication strategies for distinct target groups such as customers, residents, and members.


To gain comprehensive information about the project, its research findings, and the capabilities of the Energy Wizard, please explore the Enchant – From A to Z.




Part 1: Welcome and project presentation/ENCHANT A-Z

10:00-10:20 Introduction to Enchant – Christian A. Klöckner, project coordinator Enchant

Part 2: Main findings

2a. 10:20-10:35 The ENCHANT Pilots – Some Key Results – Andrea Kollmann, Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz 

2b. 10:35-10:40  What’s in it for me? Viken County – Guri Bugge, Viken County

Part 3. ENCHANT Energy Wizard

3a.10:45-10:55: Introduction of the ENCHANT campaign platform – Cristian A. Klöckner, project coordinator Enchant

3b. 10:55-11:05 Case demonstration of how the ENCHANT Energy Wizard – Kalyan Ram Ayyalasomayajula

Part 4. Policy recommendations

4a. 11:10-11:20 Presenting 3 cases from the project from different countries.

4b. 11:20-11:35 Contextualized Policy Recommendations from the ENCHANT Project – Andrea Kollmann & Benjamin Kirchler, Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz 

Part 5. Taking things further


5a. 11:35-11:40

Putting the Enchant project into the field – Michael Niederkofler, Energie Kompass GmbH

Insights platform – Denis Azarov, NRGsurf